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Line Scan Sensor Heads

with integrated coaxial illumination

Sensor head with bright field illumination
Sensor head with bright field illumination


Modular system consisting of line scan camera, lens and LED illumination unit according to customer specifications
  • Monochrome camera, from 2048 to 8160 pixels
  • Color camera, up to 3x4080 pixels
  • Field of view up to 90 mm
  • LED illumination: Red or white 
  • Passive cooling


The Sensor Heads from Schäfter + Kirchhoff consist of a line scan camera, a lens and coaxial LED line illumination. They are ofthen used for machine vision applications. The system is configured according to customer's requirements in order to best realize the application. Both monochrome as well as color line scan cameras are available. Based on this, the appropriate LED line illumination is selected (red, 640 nm, for monochrome; white, 5000 K, for color). The included objective lens is chosen to match the specified field of view. Due to the very good coaxial coupling of the LED line illumination into the beam path of the camera, both bright-field and dark-field imaging is possible.  

The LED line illumination is supplied by a 24 V DC voltage and can be controlled via LAN or serial interface. The control via an analog input is also possible. Due to the LED Chip-On-Board technology and the low-noise power electronics a very homogeneous and stable illumination is achieved. The passive cooling of the LEDs is also suitable for harsh environments. 

Please contact us for an individual offer.

Technical data

Line Scan Sensor Heads

From 2048 to 8160 / 3x4080
Sensor type
Monochrome / color (triple line)
Shading correction / white balancing, LUT
LED Illumination
Supply voltage
24 V DC
Max. power consumption
48 W
72 W
max. LED power, electric
38 W
57 W
Line Length
96 mm
146 mm
Line width
0.8 mm
Free working distance
49 mm
Max. temperature
60 °C
Intensity stability
< 0.5 %
Intensity control
LAN / RS232 / Analog input / Trimmer
Customized specification on request.

Order Options

Order CodeField of ViewResolutionDepth of FocusFree Working DistanceLine ColorSupply VoltagePower Consumption / LED PowerHeat Sink Orientation
 [mm][µm / pixel][mm][mm] [V DC][W] 
SK2048GSD+LED-80-498040.00.549Red2448 / 38Vertical / Horizontal
SK8160GKO+LED-41-49415.00.1249Red2448 / 38Vertical / Horizontal
SK8160GKO+LED-60-49607.30.1949Red2448 / 38Vertical / Horizontal
SK8160G+LED-R-90-019011.00.549Red2472 / 57Vertical / Horizontal
SK8160G+LED-W-90-019011.00.549White2472 / 57Vertical / Horizontal
SK12240G+LED-W-90-019022.00.549White2472 / 57Vertical / Horizontal


Bit depth
SK1024GJR-4102414 x 14 µm14.3 mm4.7 kHzXXXGigE8/12 Bit
SK16200GTOC-4L5400 x 37 x 7 µm37.8 mm6.9 kHzXGigE3*8 Bit
SK2048GSH-4L204814 x 14 µm28.7 mm14 kHzXXXXGigE8/12 Bit
SK1024GSH-4102414 x 14 µm14.3 mm27 kHzXXXXGigE8/12 Bit
SK7500GTF-4XB75007 x 7 µm52.5 mm8.3 kHzXXGigE8/12 Bit
SK22800GJRC-4XC7600 x 39.3 x 9.3 µm70.9 mm5.0 kHzXGigE3*8 Bit
SK2048GJR-4L204814 x 14 µm28.7 mm4.7 kHzXXXGigE8/12 Bit
SK2048GHA-420488 x 8 µm16.4 mm52.6 kHzXXXXGigE8/12 Bit