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Product Configurator

Product Configurator for all Line Scan Cameras. Please use the check boxes and sliders to select certain features and narrow down your search to the specifications you need. Under advanced setting you will find more possibilities to specify your needs, e.g. spectral range or special features like anti-blooming.



Camera Link GigE
GigE Vision USB 3.0


Pixel number

Pixel dimension [μm]

Max. line frequency [kHz]

Lens Mount

All C-Mount
M40x0.75 M42x1.0
M45x0.75 M72x0.75

With adapter to C-Mount, M40x0.75, M42x1.0, or M45x0.75:

Advanced Settings

Active sensor length [mm]

Special Features

Spectral range [nm]

Camera NamePixel NumberPixel DimensionActive Sensor LengthMax. line frequencyAnti-bloomingIntegration controlShading CorrectionThreshold ModeInterfaceBit depthCompare
SK22368GTFC-4L7456 x 34.7 x 4.7 µm35.0 mm5.1 kHzXGigE3*8 Bit
SK4096MVHW40967 x 200 µm28.7 mm2.4 kHzXXXGigE Vision8/12 Bit
SK2048MVHW204814 x 200 µm28.7 mm4.6 kHzXXXGigE Vision8/12 Bit
SK1024U3HA10248 x 8 µm8.2 mm52.6 kHzXXXXUSB 3.08/12 Bit
SK1024VJR-4102414 x 14 µm14.3 mm4.7 kHzXXGigE Vision8/12 Bit
SK1024GJR-4102414 x 14 µm14.3 mm4.7 kHzXXXGigE8/12 Bit
SK16200VTOC-4L5400 x 37 x 7 µm37.8 mm6.9 kHzGigE Vision3*8 Bit
SK16200GTOC-4L5400 x 37 x 7 µm37.8 mm6.9 kHzXGigE3*8 Bit
SK512U3SH51214 x 14 µm7.2 mm35.7 kHzXXXXUSB 3.08/12 Bit
SK2048VSH-4L204814 x 14 µm28.7 mm14 kHzXXXGigE Vision8/12 Bit
SK2048MVSH204814 x 14 µm28.7 mm14.1 kHzXXXGigE Vision8/12 Bit
SK2048GSH-4L204814 x 14 µm28.7 mm14 kHzXXXXGigE8/12 Bit
SK2048CSH204814 x 14 µm28.7 mm14 kHzXXXCamera Link8/12 Bit
SK1024VSH-4102414 x 14 µm14.3 mm27 kHzXXXGigE Vision8/12 Bit
SK1024U3SH102414 x 14 µm14.3 mm27 kHzXXXXUSB 3.08/12 Bit
SK1024MVSH102414 x 14 µm14.3 mm27 kHzXXXGigE Vision8/12 Bit
SK1024GSH-4102414 x 14 µm14.3 mm27 kHzXXXXGigE8/12 Bit
SK1024CSH102414 x 14 µm14.3 mm27 kHzXXXCamera Link8/12 Bit
SK7500VTF-4XB74967 x 7 µm52.5 mm8.3 kHzXGigE Vision8/12 Bit
SK7500GTF-4XB75007 x 7 µm52.5 mm8.3 kHzXXGigE8/12 Bit
SK7500CTF-XB75007 x 7 µm52.5 mm10.1 kHzXCamera Link8/12 Bit
SK7456U3TO74564.7 x 4.7 µm35.0 mm5.2 kHzXXUSB 3.08/12 Bit
SK512U3HU51225 x 500 µm12.8 mm26.3 kHzXXXXUSB 3.08/12 Bit
SK4096U3HW40967 x 200 µm28.7 mm2.4 kHzXXXXUSB 3.08/12 Bit
SK22800VJRC-4XC7600 x 39.3 x 9.3 µm70.9 mm4.9 kHzGigE Vision3*8 Bit
SK22800U3JRC-XC7600 x 39.3 x 9.3 µm70.9 mm6.2 kHzXUSB 3.03*8 Bit
SK22800GJRC-4XC7600 x 39.3 x 9.3 µm70.9 mm5.0 kHzXGigE3*8 Bit
SK22800CJRC-XC7600 x 39.3 x 9.3 µm70.9 mm6.2 kHzXCamera Link3*8 Bit
SK2048VJR-4L204814 x 14 µm28.7 mm4.7 kHzXXGigE Vision8/12 Bit
SK2048VHA-420488 x 8 µm16.4 mm52.6 kHzXXXGigE Vision8/12 Bit
SK2048U3SH204814 x 14 µm28.7 mm14 kHzXXXXUSB 3.08/12 Bit
SK2048U3JR204814 x 14 µm28.7 mm4.7 kHzXXXUSB 3.08/12 Bit
SK2048U3HW204814 x 200 µm28.7 mm6.9 kHzXXXXUSB 3.08/12 Bit
SK2048U3HU204812.5 x 500 µm25.6 mm7.1 kHzXXXXUSB 3.08/12 Bit
SK2048U3HA20488 x 8 µm16.4 mm52.6 kHzXXXXUSB 3.08/12 Bit
SK2048GJR-4L204814 x 14 µm28.7 mm4.7 kHzXXXGigE8/12 Bit
SK2048GHA-420488 x 8 µm16.4 mm52.6 kHzXXXXGigE8/12 Bit
SK2048CJR204814 x 14 µm28.7 mm4.7 kHzXXCamera Link8/12 Bit
SK2048CHA20488 x 8 µm16.4 mm52.6 kHzXXXCamera Link8/12 Bit
SK16200U3TOC5400 x 37 x 7 µm37.8 mm8.7 kHzXUSB 3.03*8 Bit
SK1024U3HV102425 x 500 µm25.6 mm13.9 kHzXXXXUSB 3.08/12 Bit
SK1024U3HU102412.5 x 500 µm12.8 mm13.9 kHzXXXXUSB 3.08/12 Bit