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New Products

New Products

AOM Double-pass
AOM Double-pass

Double-Pass Acousto-Optic Modulator (AOM)

Coming soon! All fiber-coupled, polarization-maintaining acousto-optic modulator setup for tunable frequency shifting and laser light intensity modulation.

The modular muticube™ system of Schäfter+Kirchhoff allows for integration of a variety of acousto-optical modulator setups including various laser wavelengths and RF frequency ranges.

Entire fiber port clusters with integrated modulators can be built. In addition, these setups can be combined with monitor diodes, shutters, beam splitters and other established multicube™ components. 

For more information, refer to this Technotes PDF and/or contact


Fiber Coupler and Fiber Collimator with mini AVIM® connector

Schäfter+ Kirchhoff is happy to announce the launch of their first ever commercially available fiber coupler series 60SMF and fiber collimators series 60FC with mini AVIM® connector worldwide. This opens up new fields of application in the areas of avionics and space as well as ultra-compact and stable instruments.

The mini AVIM® connector by Diamond (www. is a world renown standard for fiber cables. The new mini AVIM® fiber coupler and collimator series are compatible with fiber connectors of both type Mini AVIM® and Midi AVIM®.

It is self-evident that both series continue to offer the same excellent features including high pointing stability and long-term stability which have been proven over the years. Both series 60SMF and 60FC are available in a large number of focal lengths and numerous different optics types (aspheres, monochromats and achromats) as well as different AR-coatings. [more].

3 axis LASM
3 axis LASM

Large Area Scan Macroscope SK-LASM-005-3x41-600

The SK-LASM-005-3x41-600 is a high resolution scanner system developed for the inspection of ice cores.
  • Monochrome scanner system
  • Motorized 3 axis design
  • Scan width max. 41 mm (1 pass), max. 100 mm (3 passes)
  • Scan length max. 600 mm
  • Resolution 5 µm, 5080 dpi
  • High resolution imaging of e.g. ice core samples
  • Coaxial directed LED light for bright-field illumination
  • Robust and stable design mounted on a granite plane
  • Optional: Telecentric lens
  • Optional: Direct linear drive
  • Optional: Operating temperature down to -20 °C
The inspection system is part of a whole series of scanner systems for microstructure mapping.
Fiber coupler 60FC-SF-0
Fiber coupler 60FC-SF-0

Fiber Collimator series 60FC-SF

The Fiber Collimators series 60FC-SF with super-fine thread are an improved advanced version of the series 60FC-F collimators. They are designed for collimating radiation exiting from an optical fiber cable or used in reverse for coupling a beam into an optical fiber cable. The focus adjustment is done using a super-fine-threaded ring.
  • All benefits of the 60FC-F Fiber Coupler
  • Increased pointing stability and reduced backlash during the focus setting
  • Super-fine thread for an even more precise focus setting with 0.35 mm pitch

  • Focal lengths up to 18 mm
  • Choice of aspheres, achromats and apochromats
  • Various AR coatings for UV - IR
  • Choice of fiber receptacles: FC PC or FC APC (standard), many others available
  • Compact Ø 12 mm housing [More]
Robot-guided line scan camera

Robot-guided Line Scan Camera

Flexible scanning of curved surfaces
  • Corrosion evaluations on car rims or wheel segments, as well as on corrosion test plates.
  • Partial scanning of installed parts on cars, e.g. wheels, doors, bumpers, etc.
  • Imaging and optical quality control of any kind of coatings.
  • Collaborative robot meets safety requirements ISO 10218-1 and ISO/TS15066 for human-robot interaction [More]