Bulkhead Fiber Adapters

Fiber Adapters without Optics

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Bulkhead fiber adapters are used either for beam outputs, where no collimation or focusing of the radiation exiting the fiber is necessary, or for beam coupling into connectorized fibers, when a separate coupling optics such as a microscope optics is used.
  • FC, F-SMA and LSA (comp. with DIN, AVIO or AVIM) connector
  • Inclined coupling axis for APC (angled polish)
  • Axial stop of the fiber ferrule for a constant focus position (FC and LSA only)
  • Grub screw for an additional locking of the fiber ferrule (FC and LSA only)
  • Different mechanical designs
  • TILT alignment as an option
  • Mechanics made of Titanium as an option

Order Options

Connector Type / Polish angleØ 12 mmØ 25 mmSystem Mount
Ø 19.5 mm
Flange Mount
w/o Flange
Flange Mount
w. Flange Ø 20 mm
Flange Mount
w. Flange Ø 25 mm
FC-PC, 0° 12AF-0-FC25AF-0-FC 10AF-0-FC10AF-0-FC+PP102010AF-0-FC+PP1025--
FC-PC, 0° 12AF-0-FC-Ti  10AC-0-FC-Ti10AF-0-FC+PP1020-TI -Yes
FC-PC, 0°  25AM-0-FC19.5AC-0-FC   Yes-
FC-PC, 0° 19.5AC-0-FC-TI   YesYes
FC-APC, 8°12AF-4-FC25AF-4-FC 10AF-4-FC10AF-4-FC+PP102010AF-4-FC+PP1025- -
FC-APC, 8°12AF-4-FC-Ti  10AF-4-FC-Ti10AF-4-FC+PP1020-TI - Yes
FC-APC, 8° 25AM-4-FC19.5AC-4-FC   Yes-
FC-APC, 8°  19.5AC-4-FC-TI   YesYes
F-SMA, 0°12AF-0-SMA25AF-0-SMA 10AF-0-SMA10AF-0-SMA+PP102010AF-0-SMA+PP1025--
F-SMA , 0° 25AM-0-SMA19.5AC-0-SMA   Yes-
F-SMA, 5° 1  25AM-23-SMA19.5AC-23-SMA   Yes-
F-SMA, 8° 2  25AM-4-SMA19.5AC-4-SMA   Yes-
LSA-PC, 0° 3 12AF-0-LSA25AF-0-LSA 10AF-0-LSA10AF-0-LSA+PP1020 10AF-0 -LSA+PP1025- -
LSA-PC, 0° 3  25AM-0-LSA19.5AC-0-LSA   Yes-
LSA-APC, 8° 4 12AF-4-LSA25AF-0-LSA 10AF-4-LSA10AF-4-LSA+PP102010AF-4-LSA+PP1025--
LSA-APC, 8° 4  25AM-4-LSA19.5AC-4-LSA   Yes-
 1 Compatible to fiber connectors of type SMA-905 High Power with a 5° polish
 2 Compatible to fiber connectors of type SMA-905 High Power with a 8° polish
 3 Compatible with connectors of type DIN-PC, AVIO-PC and AVIM-PC
 4 Compatible with connectors of type DIN-APC, AVIO-APC and AVIM-APC