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RGB Polarization-maintaining Fibers

RGB Polarization-maintaining Fibers

From now on, Schäfter+Kirchhoff offers fiber cables of type PMC-400RGB besides the standard fiber cables type PMC-400Si.

What is the difference to a standard PM fiber?

The fiber cables of type PMC-400RGB are actually based on the same fiber type as the fiber cables of type PMC-400Si. 

The fiber has a pure silica core fiber with a cut off below a wavelength of 400 nm. It is suitable for wavelengths up to 680 nm. However, at long wavelength this fiber is quite sensitive to disturbances, such as bending or stress.

During the manufacturing process of fiber cables of type PMC-400RGB additional measures are taken to guarantee a high performance even at high wavelengths. Additional tests are performed to document that the fiber performance is high over the whole wavelength range.

Connector types and alternatives

The fiber cables type PMC-400RGB are availabe with fiber connectors of type FC.
The connectors can also be equipped with end caps.
In case the polarization-maintenance is not needed, we offer a single-mode only fiber type SMC-400RGB, as well.